Air Bag Retaining Frame

DAYKU09140BK : Daystar Air Bag Cradle – KU09140BK : Daystar

Daystar Air Bag Cradle - KU09140BK KU09140BK

Product:  Daystar Air Bag Cradle – KU09140BK

Description:  Daystar Air Bag Cradle – KU09140BK:  Air Bag Cradle;Black Polyurethane The Daystar air bag cradle will allow your trucks air bag equipped suspension to fully articulate and be put on a lift without the fear of tearing your air bags. These unique cradles willow the air bag to separate from the lower mount when the suspension drops out and return to the cup when the suspension returns to normal ride height.


Manufacture:  Daystar

Manufacture Part Number: KU09140BK

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