Auto Trans Flexplate

OAI16913.04 : Omix-ADA Automatic Flywheel – 16913.04 : Omix-Ada

Omix-ADA Automatic Flywheel - 16913.04 16913.04

Product:  Omix-ADA Automatic Flywheel – 16913.04

Description:  Omix-ADA Automatic Flywheel – 16913.04:  76-79 CJ;AMC 401 V8 engine;AMC torque converter;TH400 automatic transmission only Direct OE replacement Jeep parts and accessories built to the original specifications by Omix-ADA. Limited five year manufacturers warranty.

SKU:  OAI16913.04

Manufacture:  Omix-Ada

Manufacture Part Number: 16913.04

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ADV716138-A : Advance Adapters Automatic Flywheel – 716138-A : Advance Adapters

Advance Adapters Automatic Flywheel - 716138-A 716138-A

Product:  Advance Adapters Automatic Flywheel – 716138-A

Description:  Advance Adapters Automatic Flywheel – 716138-A:  GM transmission to AMC V8 Fits 1972-87 AMC 304 and 360 V8 engines with GM TH350, 400, 700R4 and Chevy/GM torque converter. This is a stock type torque flite automatic flywheel which has been redrilled to bolt to the Chevy/GM converter.

SKU:  ADV716138-A

Manufacture:  Advance Adapters

Manufacture Part Number: 716138-A

Keywords: truck parts truck accessories Advance Adapters, Automatic Transmissions, ADV716138-A