Some of the best automotive Smartphone apps

With so many Smartphone apps available, how do you know which automotive one is the best for you? Here are some of the best apps to have on your phone for quick information at your finger tips.

Gas Buddy

With gas prices on the rise these days, the Gas Buddy iPhone app helps you to locate the cheapest gas on the go with locations near you. You’ll never overpay for gas again!

iPhone users can enter and save all information and begin to track their driving habits. When you enter your odometer reading, TripAlyzer will track the distance of your trip and store information for future use. This app will help you to drive more efficiently.
Car Maintenance

Gas Cubby

Not only will this app track your gas mileage, but it will also organize your vehicle maintenance.


Pay for roadside assistance only when you need it with this app, find auto repair shops and get estimates no matter where you are and track your car repairs.

Take me to my car

Have you ever forgotten where you parked your vehicle? Simply save your car’s location with this app and you’ll have walking directions back to your vehicle!


An accident resource where you can log details and information if you are in a crash. A good app to have-you’d rather be safe than sorry!

Tips on using your car phone apps

GPS based apps can drain your battery quickly. Have a charger you can use in your car.
Don’t use your apps while driving. Pull over to a safe location when you’re conducting a search on one.
Many vehicle manufacturers also have smartphone apps for their model cars. Take a look and see if your vehicle has an app that might prove to be handy for you.